Date: December 22, 2022, Room: H701 and Zoom


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StartDuration (min)Name
(*) is via Zoom
Chair===Akira Sato================================
9:305Masaharu AokiOpening
9:3515Rina KugouM1(Y)Development of track detection system in test beamlines using HL-LHC ATLAS silicon pixel detector 
9:5015Shion Kuribayashi(*)M1(A)Research and Development of Rangecounter for COMET Phase-α
10:0515Yuto KawataM1(Y)Test pulse input circuit for amplifier of charged particle detector in KOTO experiment
10:2020Yuta Higashino(*)D1(A)Momentum calibration for DeeMe experiment
10:4015Rikuto ArakidaM1(Y)Setup of the cooling system to be used in the new pixel modules production for the HL-LHC ATLAS experiment
Chair===Katsushige Coterra================================
11:1015Hiroyuki WakabayashiM2(A)Progress on developping MPPC cooling system
11:2515Ayumu KitagawaM2(Y)Development of a voltage supply circuit for a Photomultiplier used in the low-mass charged particle detector for the KOTO experiment
11:4020Ryota Shiraishi(*)D2(Y)Evaluation of the charged kaon background with the 2021 data in KOTO
12:0035Ryoka Sasaki, Souta Satou, Shinya JonotsukaB4(A)Improving spatial resolution in PET-CT
Chair===Kazuki Ueno================================
13:3515Keita OnoM2(Y)Thin scintillation counter with a new readout method for the KOTO experiment
13:5020Sun Si YuanD1(A)COMET Phase-I CDC Realistic Detector Response
14:1015Yukiko FujitaM2(Y)Development of a defect detection tool for visual inspection in the HL-LHC ATLAS pixel detectors production
14:2515William RothVS(A)Understanding light production and transmission within thin materials
14:4025Akihiro Ando, Masato TsukimotoB4(Y)Search for non-single charge particles in cosmic rays by the Bethe-Bloch formula
Chair===Minoru Hirose================================
15:2015Shusaku ArakutaM2(Y)Study of method for tuning and measurement of threshold with prototype ATLAS pixel modules for the HL-LHC
15:3515Teppei ShibataM1(Y)Temperature monitoring system for UCV PMT
15:5015Masaki Miyataki(*)M2(A)COMET Phase-I online trigger system 
16:0520Lakmin WickremasingheD2(Y)Studies on Higgs to charm quark search using the LHC-ATLAS experiment
16:255Taku YamanakaClosing

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